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Nov 2, 2019

The innovation trip organized by CIOMajlis to Finland provided a unique opportunity to explore the thriving startup ecosystem and innovative landscape of the Nordic region. Finland, in particular, has experienced significant growth in its startup scene, making it one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe and the world.

The tour included visits to various institutions and companies that exemplify Finland’s entrepreneurial spirit and technological advancements. Business Finland, a government agency, showcased the country’s support for innovation and provided insights into the initiatives and programs available to foster startup growth and development.

Finnish Fintech, a prominent player in the financial technology sector, offered valuable insights into the disruptive solutions and advancements in the field of finance and banking. Participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative ideas and technologies that are reshaping the financial industry.

The visit to Kerava Emergency Center allowed participants to explore Finland’s focus on healthcare and emergency services. They gained insights into the latest technologies and strategies employed in emergency response and medical care.

GE Healthcare, a global leader in healthcare technology and solutions, showcased its cutting-edge medical equipment and innovations. Participants had the chance to witness the advancements in healthcare technology and their impact on patient care and diagnostics.

Espoo City, located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, is known for its strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Participants had the opportunity to explore the city’s initiatives, such as smart city projects and sustainable urban planning, which contribute to Finland’s reputation as a hub of innovation.

Nokia, a Finnish multinational telecommunications company, showcased its technological advancements and contributions to the telecommunications industry. Participants gained insights into Nokia’s innovations and its role in shaping the future of communication.

Helsinki University, a prestigious institution renowned for its research and educational programs, offered participants an opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and emerging technologies across various fields.

Reaktor, a prominent software engineering and design company, provided insights into Finland’s thriving tech scene and its expertise in digital transformation and software development.

Overall, the CIOMajlis innovation trip to Finland provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the country’s vibrant startup ecosystem, entrepreneurial culture, and technological advancements. The visits to Business Finland, Finnish Fintech, Kerava Emergency Center, GE Healthcare, Espoo City, Nokia, Helsinki University, and Reaktor showcased the diverse range of innovative initiatives and technologies driving Finland’s growth as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.